My Bujo

Only a few months ago I started my own Bujo (Bullet Journal) after seeing a few online. I didn’t actually follow the original “guidelines” when I first started and well I don’t now either. For those of you curious about what a Bullet Journal is, please be sure to check out Bullet Journal for more information. I will be using this post to explain my current Bujo and my failures along the way. I hope you enjoy.

So I guess to start my journey was a fairly normal one, I stumbled upon a gorgeous hand drawn planner while on Pinterest. I clicked it and it took me to a blog (I sadly no longer can remember nor did I save this post to share with you today), this blog was a tour of this girl’s Bujo. I was instantly in love and wanted one for myself. Rather than going the way most people do I just hunted and hunted on Pinterest, Google, and even Youtube looking at all the different Bujo’s people had. Getting ideas for what I wanted my first one to be.

I started out with a large lined notebook and very quickly learned I didn’t like having lines, so I got a Moleskin on Amazon. I use a Moleskin blank for my drawing book so I thought it’d be a nice idea. I however didn’t realize pocket meant, well, pocket. I used it for almost three weeks before I caved and got a spiral bound dotted notebook and I had used it up until three weeks ago when I ordered my first Leuchtturm dotted notebook along with a matching notebook case. I have been actively in love with this current notebook setup and have used it since it arrived.

I have had quite a lot of trial and error as I have grown the past few months and recently realized I don’t like mistakes, big mistakes especially. I will use my dotted spiral bound to practice layouts, trackers, and even drawings before I actually insert them into my Bujo. I will cut around the finished product and then glue it into my current Bujo. Now some might think of that as cheating, I personally really like it. I have had quite a few mistakes and this has kept me from regretting these mistakes in my favorite notebook.

I am still learning and growing, so please don’t judge me too harshly. I will not include anymore links since almost all of the inspiration I drew can be found on my Pinterest “Bullet Journal” Board…my Pinterest being linked with my other social icons.

I guess we can get started with the pretty pictures now 🙂

dsc_0188This is the cover to my Leuchtturm notebook. My cover includes 2 bookmarks as well my Leuchtturm having two of it’s own. I tied a Pentagram to one of these as well as used lace tape to add decoration to the border of the case. I also thought a cute Elephant would be nice. It has 2 pen loops and a few pockets inside. I can insert multiple pens into these loops. I have the main blue pen I use for tracking water and sleep and then a grey pen I use for tracking work hours. My black pen is used for almost all my writing. My chosen Mildliners will change each month based on the color palette I have decided to go with.

dsc_0189My first page doesn’t have my name or anything like that. I decided to instead use a postcard that my mom had gotten me and some pretty washi tape. You can see my key in the upper corner as a pull out so I can easily use it. I also have instax sticker covers that I use for not only my instax but also for decorating my pages. The mood color chart is for my mood ring, not Bujo related but it fills that pocket for now and adds color. I also made my own tabs with washi and I only use the Pentagram bookmark, the rest are tucked in the back.

dsc_0190The next two pages were white and placed before my Contents. I chose to decorate at random. I slowly add to this page as I go. I used my favorite photo of my best friend since I was 10, myself, and my friend who lives in another state. I have decorated this page with my own drawings, stamps, tape, and a color page of a bird. I will add more to this as time goes on, I just add to it as I see fit.

next is my table of contents pages. I added a mermaid color page to fill the blank space and then decorated the pages with pink washi tape. As you can see I have some lines blocked out with washi tape, this tape matches my August month and those pages are now taped together. I decided in time that I did want to track things that way or use those challenges in my Bujo. I have since taped over them and altered my monthly ( I will explain more later). On my last pages of my Bujo I have my Washi Collection and my Pen testing page. I added those at the very bottom of my contents just to keep track of them.

dsc_0193These two pages were blank for a long time before I finally decided what to put here. On the left I did a cute bunny yoga routine I found on Pinterest that I actually do quite enjoy doing myself. On the right I have a simple page with my name, some drawings, and then a quote my Grandmother always told me growing up.

dsc_0194This is my lady/love tracker, which is pretty self explanatory. I left the one page blank in case I am still using this Bujo in 2017 so I can add that there. for now though I have my 2016 tracker starting in June when I started my first Bujo. The top tracks my “love” which is times me and my boyfriend are intimate and then the pink tracks my menstruation. I don’t have much else to say about it really other than that.

dsc_0195This is my moody lady page where I track my moods. I was inspired for this from “year in pixels” and originally wanted to call it Moody Bitch but decided Moody Lady was more optimistic. I also have my page for the Grounding Method. I haven’t decorated these pages much yet but they have been very helpful. I started this Bujo and on the first day I was quite angry as you can tell from my tracker. Since then I haven’t had a bad day or felt much anxiety to where it upset my day.

dsc_0196Next is my Bucket list and my Reading list. No judgement please on my choices, I actually don’t read as often as I’d like and my bucket list is full of childish dreams since I was deprived and lived on a farm. I wasn’t really deprived but I didn’t get to go to all those fun places many kids get to so I hope to even when I’m old. I will be adding to these as time goes on. These are some simple layouts I did when I first started this Bujo and hadn’t started really decorating yet.

dsc_0197I had fun with this layout, this is my Travel tracker. I hope to travel to all 50 states and someday other countries. This is to help me keep track of all the states I have been too.

dsc_0198This is a new one for me since I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to use it yet. This is my Level 10 Life layout. It is quite basic but does what it needs to do. I have some pretty basic goals right now, I had only started this last month so I’m still fairly new to the concept. As I took this picture I realized I reached some goals so I’m happy to be filling some of these in a little more today.

dsc_0199This is my August page, I will not be showing what is inside of August since it was fairly messy and I had some failed experiments along the way. I will show you these two pages though since they were my first actual decorated pages when I started this Bujo last month. I was inspired to do the 7 Rules For Life from Pinterest as well and really am happy to have included them. I decided to match the design with my August layout.

dsc_0201Jumping right to my current month I have a page of things I love which has well some random things. I included a broom and snitch for Harry Potter, books since I like to read when I can, an Alpaca because well they are one of my all time favorite animals and I hope to have one someday. A sims icon, a camper, rain, a camera and a Polaroid. Lastly two aloe plants in love that have both my boyfriend’s and my own initials followed by our anniversary underneath. The following page is my September page, I have slowly been decorating this page. It was just September with a partial empty box. I recently was sparked on what to do with this page and have since been adding small details.

dsc_0202Next is my September overview, originally this was not even here and I did it much later on. So I had started my September month almost a week before September was going to start. I had done a few pages of trackers, challenges, and that sort of thing. I left these two pages blank and then started my weeklies, in case I wanted to add anything here later on. Good thing I did because after a week I realized I didn’t like the trackers I had made, I never did the challenges anyways, and I didn’t like flipping through all those pages. I hunted around and finally came up with a plan, turn the two blank pages into a overview page. I taped the pages shut which then inspired me to decorate my month with this pretty orange color for Autumn. I am quite happy and it really works well for me. I will not be including the Insta tracker though as I have incorporated it into my new weekly.


I skipped ahead to my current weekly since I think this is the one I will be using with some slight alterations. I have a 24 hour clock to track sleep and work, I also have a water bar so I drink more water daily. The arrows will not be there next week, I changed my mind after making them what I wanted them to be for. I will be using them to track my teeth cleaning habits instead. I also have a fitness tracker which is new for this week as well. The snapchat and instagram tracker will track how many posts per day I make. I also have a food log to keep track of my lunch and dinner that day. I removed a few things from my old weeklies including weather and steps tracker. I will be incorporating those into my daily boxes rather than a chart of their own.

dsc_0205All the way in the back I have my Washi Collection, as you can tell I don’t have a lot of washi tape. I only had the first three gold shades up until a week ago so I’m super thrilled to have a set of pretty shades. dsc_0206On my very last dotted page I have a pen testing page, some of these were a failure and I will not be using, but most were fine. I am quite happy with this page mostly because it is quite helpful is seeing what a color looks like on my paper as well as the bleed through it might have. dsc_0207At the back of my book you can see I have a dot counter, this is to help me not count dots every day all the time. I also have the spare bookmarks back here tucked away with pockets of random stickers or printer color pages I haven’t used yet. I also keep my stencil back here, I don’t use this stencil often actually but it is nice to have. I much prefer my ruler but that is a big plastic blue one you get for a first grader but it matches my Bujo so I really like it.


That is the tour of my Bujo, the only page I use that was not included was my brain dump. It’s not anything special to look at and it has a lot of personal info. I also did not show the tab labeled Contact, this is because it is my personal information in case my Bujo is lost. It has my address and phone number on that page. It is a tab post it note though if you are curious, I actually don’t use them otherwise and prefer my pretty washi tabs.

I hope you like it. Some of my pages were removed from my old Bujo and glued into this one and some were practiced over and over to be glued in that’s why a lot of pages look glued in or added later. I liked a lot of my first pages and decided to keep them and other times I wanted to make sure I got the trackers just right before adding them to my Bujo.



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