Today is a good day!

So this is a more personal post but I felt it was okay to make. I have been actively trying to get a job at the Post Office. I even studied hard to pass the testing months back and I did. Well after constantly checking the openings and applying at a few to be rejected I finally got an interview today at a Post Office Distribution Center and it’s next week.

I am very nervous but super excited. I know that my life long goal is to be a florist and sell candles but until I can save up enough for my certifications in floral design I wanted to work in something that would be a good career move if my plan a doesn’t happen.

I normally have issues with job interviews mostly due to my social anxiety and awkwardness but I’m more than excited to go on Thursday and find out if I can land this amazing job. It would change so much in my life. My boyfriend and I could move out of our, well awful apartment. Moving out of this place would make our lives a lot better. I just hope that this is finally my life picking up after being pretty far down like it was.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for luck!!! 🙂


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