Creating some new pages

I have been actively working on some new trackers and pages for my Bujo and I couldn’t resist a share. I did skip enough pages to finish up my weeklies for September as they come and these pages will rest between September and October. I know a lot of people prefer to throw new things on the next blank page, sadly my perfectionism won’t really allow me to do that without feeling annoyed that my weeklies are broken up. I am still adding more but this is my progress from yesterday while at work.

dsc_0208First is my Instagram tracker. I have seen a few of these and couldn’t resist one myself. I am a huge Instagram lover and I use it for well quite a few things, ranging from selfies to pictures of my Bujo. I also post pictures of my cats, food, my photography, and even the mountains around me. I wanted a nice way to keep track of how many followers I have gained. The page to the right will be another tracker I am working on and will be shared in the future when completed.

dsc_0209Okay so this one is a bit more random but I really couldn’t resist. I have seen a few of these before and wanted to do one of my own. I have been actively trying to grow my own hair out for a few years now. I have never had long hair so this is a first for me and has taken a lot out of me to not cut it. I thought this would be a nice way to motivate myself more. The page to the right is a page I am working on as well that will be shared when completed. To give a hint I’m doing a “20 things to start doing” right there 🙂

dsc_0210My last two new pages I worked on include my Waiting For list which is just a tracker for packages I have ordered so I can keep an eye on my mail for packages. I order quite a lot since I run a home business for home made candles as well as ordering things for my Bujo and BJD hobbies. My next page is a Fall Bucket List. I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love. I thought it’d be perfect to start around October so I thought now was a good time to add it to my Bujo. I am still decorating this page and adding to it as I think of things I would like to do this fall.


I hope you enjoy my new pages. I will be adding more of course as time goes on. I love being able to share these with you all here.


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