Frappuccinos! What more could you want?

So I’ve been hard at work on a few new trackers and pages before starting my October month. I have been inspired by a few different sources this time and I’m super happy with my results. I have also decided to start a separate journal that will be fitness based. My best friend Sam actually inspired me by sharing her Fitness Journal with me. Thanks to Amazon Prime I should be able to get started on it early next week. I will be using a Moleskin Chapters for this and I can’t wait to share my progress and layouts with you as I work on it….but anyways…

dsc_0212First I’d like to share my Frappuccino Tracker! This was inspired by Courtney Gunn in the BJJ group on Facebook. She had a wonderful Starbuck’s tracker and I fell in love. I chose my own flavors I’d love to try and colored in the ones I have…and well s’mores is obvi my favorite. I also added some blue washi to border my two trackers. dsc_0214So I used the same color design as I did for my previous two trackers. My new and completed page is 20 Things to Start Doing and was inspired off Pinterest and I really do love it. I didn’t add drawings or anything because my handwriting is fairly big. I still like how it turned it out. It’s nice and simple. dsc_0215I am working on a page set between my trackers and these pages. I will be sure to show that when it’s done but for now it’s in progress 🙂 Here however is the start of my October. I decided to tape in a word I had drawn off a pinterest post. I am doing the same orange colored washi for this month as well. (I’m limited and pink/purple/blue just didn’t seem fitting for this month.) I will probably add more to these as I go like I did for September.

That’s all for now. I am currently working on some new things today and then well into next week when I can start my new fitness journal. Oh a lot of my pages seem pasted in…that’s because I either messed up underneath or I needed to practice the layout to get it right. Also I like the scrapbook feel it gives my journal. I don’t do this for everything, just new things I’m working on that I’m not sure about.


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