Traveler’s Journals?!?

So I have been using a Bullet Journal since June. I have in the short months since starting changed my methods quite a lot. I started with a cheap lined notebook from Office Max since they didn’t have any dotted options available. Shortly after I got a dotted Moleskin, however I got a pocket not realizing how small it was. I used it for almost three weeks before switching to a spiral bound dotted notebook. The paper is amazing but the binding was a tad annoying with my line drawing which I use a ruler for. I soon after tried a Heidi Swapp Planner but soon found the rings were a tad annoying for me. I love the idea of a planner because you can pull things out and replace them with ease. My issue is the rings are quite large and it became too tedious to hold the paper in the middle of the rings to close it properly. I have since used my Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted and have been in love with it.

However….I have been quite envious of the concept of a Traveler’s Journal but for my Bujo. I have already begun to realize that I don’t enjoy transferring my collections from journal to journal. I also don’t like things being tossed around in my book without the ability to control their placement. Using a Traveler’s would give me the ability to use separate notebooks for specific things. I have been actively admiring them from afar and debating if it would be a good move for me. Since I ordered a Moleskine Chapters for my fitness journal I decided to instead order 2 of them for now (I will order 1 more once I get my next paycheck) and use them to start my own Traveler’s Journal. I will no longer be doing a fitness journal and I’ll be incorporating that into my Daily Book and then into my Yearly/Monthly book.

I hope to have 3 books for my base, They will include my Collections, Yearly/Montly, and Daily. I will be making my own insert however for a drawing book to just use for sketching in. I am not sure if I’ll add more but overall I’m having a lot of fun planning. I am hoping to make a nice backing to attach elastic too so I can keep my main Bujo Cover and then switch out my Yearly and Daily books as needed. I can’t wait to document this adventure with you all! I want to work on this one for awhile before actually using it. I will be preparing it for 2017-2018 rather than using it for the rest of 2016. I might use my Daily when I feel ready before 2017 but I will still use my current Leuchtturm 1917 for monthly layouts until the end of December.

I should be starting early this week so I can’t wait to share and document how everything goes. I hope this will be the method I use from now on. I also hope to stop pasting in pre-perfected layouts and get better with drawing them in by hand the first time around.


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