Amazon Haul!

I have never made a post or video sharing the things I have gotten. At least not in great detail. I am super excited to be switching my Bujo to a Traveler’s Journal style and I got most of my things today! I really wanted to share my new fun things with you so here we go 🙂

First things first, I did get all these items from Amazon and all are with Amazon Prime.

dsc_0216I didn’t get a whole bunch, just a few things. I will have 2 more Moleskine Chapters arriving tomorrow before I get started. I will still need to get a backing and elastic though to create my insert for holding my books into. I would like to continue using my current Bujo cover if possible. dsc_0218I had not realized how tiny these were until they arrived, they are actually quite cute. They are just paper tape, nothing fancy. I thought some not decorated washi would be a nice addition to my Bujo.

dsc_0219I also got a few new stencils. I try to not stencil when possible however circles are my downfall. I picked this for the circles however having different sized squares will be quite handy. Triangles I’m not so sure about yet. They were fairly cheap though and seemed like a nice addition to my collection of art supplies.

dsc_0220I was probably most excited about these new pens. I am in love with Staedler Fineliners. I have the set of 20 and after realizing I’d love a pastel purple I caved and ordered this set. I have since fallen in love with all the new shades. I say new because the gray and aqua are already in the set of 20. I am however very excited to use these in my new Bujo as I decorate it and get it ready.

dsc_0226I tried to be a little more “fancy” with my photos. I love photography and decided that straight up and down shots aren’t always fun. I am in love with the Moleskine chapters already and I haven’t even opened it yet. The binding is a really adorable coral pink. It’s not super thin and it has a nice feeling to it. It has 128 dotted pages as well as chapter pages that have to-do lists on them ( I will probably decorate over if I don’t find it useful ) I was very nervous because most inserts you can order are either really flimsy or don’t have much pages to offer. I have ordered 3 total, 1 arrived today. I will have 2 that are this gorgeous green/coral color and then my last will be a cardboard/blue color combo. If I decide to get a fourth for sketching in or something else I will be getting their dark burgundy one next. I have loved Moleskine since I got a sketchbook from them a few years ago and now that I have used a pocket for my Bujo back in July, which was sadly just too small.

dsc_0227Lastly I wanted to share a size difference between my Moleskine Chapters and my A5 Bujo case that holds my Leuchtturm 1917. They aren’t much different. Height is almost the same and width is just a little over an inch less. I have never had a Midori but from watching videos and reading reviews I have heard these are slightly bigger than their inserts, however not owning one I can’t be sure. As far as comparing it to an A5 it’s not too much of a difference. I will be getting elastic and backing to create my insert to hold the journals into this cover.

For now though I will still be using my current Bujo. I want to set up my Traveler’s for 2017-2018 usage but might opt to use my daily when I feel ready. I will be sure to share my creations as I go.


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