October….hello fall!!!

So I know most people consider September fall but for me fall starts in October when everything is turning orange, golden, and just gorgeous. Also it means Halloween!!! So who shouldn’t be excited? I am quite excited to share my newest spread I have worked on for longer than it should have taken me.

I messed up a few times and when I finally managed to complete my layout it was nothing like I had planned. I am still using my Bujo and haven’t started my Traveler’s (I actually have decided against those after realizing how thin the paper is). My colors are not really “fall” themed, in fact I used my pastel fineliners so I went way off fall colors entirely. I however loved how it turned out and I’m anxious to continue using the same pastels and simpler layouts. dsc_0228First is my October Overview. I do intend to add more under my Bills section, I just haven’t decided what yet. I tried to make this as simple as possible. I also decided against pasting in my tracker for extra paper support (prevent bleeding) also trusted myself more to draw it out the first time. dsc_0229On the next two pages was something new I wanted to try and had seen on Pinterest. I will be doing a food log here rather than on my weekly/daily spreads. I think it will be a better way to get an idea of my eating habits vs how I did it before. I basically just kept this page simple and didn’t get too overboard with decorating.

dsc_0230Next is my weekly/daily. Not sure what to call these pages since it’s my daily but in a week layout. This took me the longest…not to draw out but to decide how to do. This is MUCH different than my normal daily layout. I think it will be a cute way to change things up. I went for super simple and I’ll be using a time tracker to track more than just sleep and work this month.

I really aimed for simple. I imagine I’ll draw and decorate more throughout the month on my pages like I did for September. For now though I’m happy. Also I apologize for my table….we have a small apartment so our only tables consist of my desk (which is covered with gaming stuff for my computer) and then our two foldout tv trays which are fairly old and beat up. Also cat hair tends to travel around my home a lot. I normally try to have a nice pretty table but failed today XD Hopefully pretty Bujo distracts enough.



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