The perfect spread?

Something I am starting to think is almost near impossible to achieve would be the “perfect spread”. As a Bullet Journal Junkie I spend hours and hours just planning the perfect spread trying to decide what I need, don’t need, colors, stickers, well everything. Having only started my journey this year in June I have been changing my spreads a lot in that time trying to learn what works best for me.

After having tried many upon many layouts I can say that after tweaking my go to spread to include some different things I felt I needed and wanted I finally feel quite content with my spread. For the first week of October I tried a different spread that required me to draw them out the night before rather than a weekly view. I found very quickly I didn’t care for this style and soon decorated the blank spots so I could start a new week the way I preferred.

My go to spread has been shared in the past, I love it because it has my entire week on two pages as well as any trackers I need that aren’t included in my monthly, and any extras I feel to be useful. After spending some extra time last night planning and tweaking my goto spread I finally came out with a spread that I am quite proud of and think I might be using until I feel the need to change things up again.

fullsizerenderNow this picture isn’t as great of quality as my others, I used my cell to take a quick snap rather than my Nikon. As you can see I got a little bit more friendly with a few stickers I have. I also did some more bright colors and moved some things around. I removed my fitness tracker as well as my mini month view. I changed my snapchat/instagram tracker to instead include a goal for the week (filling in all the bubbles before the week is out). I also added a brain dump which was originally on it’s own spread but I felt it was more unused that way so this seemed much easier to use rather than page flipping. Lastly I added a 7 little boxes, these will be used for the Drawlloween Challenge. I like the idea of the challenges being on my weekly spread rather than their own. They are much smaller and cuter looking.

I really like my spread this week. I couldn’t resist sharing it. It’s a lot more colorful than I used to do and I think it has inspired me for how I want to continue my Bujo. I know I’ll make changes as time passes but for now this is perfect!


2 thoughts on “The perfect spread?

  1. This spread looks really pretty. I’m having some problems trying to create the perfect weekly spread for me. I just find all my weeks to be different so I have to change my layout each week


    • smokingdaffodils says:

      I tried a few different ones before I finally found one I liked. I ordered a Happy Planner though to give it a shot, not sure I’ll use the preprinted layouts though, I like the idea of drawing my own since it’s nice relax time. I think for me though seeing my week on two pages really helps. I’ve done the dutch door and even tried having a daily per page but in the end I find myself back to a week setup like this. I do change my little trackers though quite often. I can’t ever decide how I want to do them outside of my monthly tracker.

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