The Very Belated New Year, New Me….



This post is coming a bit later than I had wanted it to! My 2017 year has already been off to a hectic start. I left Colorado on the 30th for a impromptu trip to Minnesota to surprise my mom for New Years. Before leaving however I was so busy getting as many hours in at work as I could my Bujo went unfinished before the year was going to start. Since our drive was mostly during the night, and I also don’t trust myself writing in a car I didn’t get to work on it then either. While I was gone for the weekend I was both very tired and well all over the place visiting family and friends as I was only in town for a day and a half. I returned on the 2nd in the early afternoon and was suffering from an allergic reaction to Mold, I did not know I was allergic and wound up sicker than I expected. As of the 3rd I have been finally able to finish up my spreads and start keeping track of my new year.

I explained in an earlier post I was aiming for mental and physical health this year which will probably show in in my Bujo this year. I kept a few things from my previous collections but I have removed a lot of the extra collections in hopes to add them to their own Bujo that I will have themed around my social media and gaming lifestyle. For now though it’s time to start a walk through of my 2017 setup and how I plan to use things to create a better me in the process.

now first things first, I didn’t realize how dirty my Bujo was when I took this picture. I am not using my normal blue cover so it’s picking up all my eraser shavings and they love to stick to my vinyls I made for my cover. So I apologize for how dirty it  appears, it is new I’m just loving it and spending so much time with it that’s already turning a tad dirty :p but anyways….onward!!!!

dsc_0098So I am using a Essentials Grid-lined Notebook that I got from Amazon. My first impressions of the notebook would be good to say the least. I really like the feel of it, it is the same size as my LT1917 that I was using for 2016, however the paper is thicker and I like the blank graph pages it offers. The pages are also less yellow compared to the LT1917 however they are still not completely white. This book also does not include numbered pages, which I did find useful, but it’s not something I absolutely need to have since I can do that myself. After starting to fill things in I can already tell I might need another one later down the road for 2017 but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I do wish the bookmark was a tad longer, I was unable to attach my Pentacle charm to this one on it’s own. I did however customize it using my Cameo to cut out a few different vinyls.

dsc_0099Of course I have been decorating the first opening cover/page. I want to add a quote to these but I still am working on that. I so far have used a lot of stickers and my “failed stickers” which are the paper flowers you see pasted in. Sadly my printer can not lift the sticker paper I had gotten but I still wanted to use the test page I printed somehow and I really love how I’ve scattered the flowers through-out my Bujo giving it a scrapbook style vibe like my previous bujo.

dsc_0100Right away I have my About me and Favorites page which was inspired by Twinklytanya . I have altered mine slightly based on my own personal hobbies as well my about me section. I also used my Cameo to cut out the header I used since I was feeling crafty. I am also using a lot more purple and pastel shades this time around. I will be sticking something in the lower left page, I just really haven’t had much inspiration for what just yet.

dsc_0101Something I did not have last year was a Key. I had a pull out key but I rarely had used it. I wanted to have a section for it this time around with a small color key for my time tracker. I left the under section blank in case I decide to add more throughout the year and as my tracking evolves. I also included an index of course. I really liked the one I saw from TheOrganizedBrain and wanted to do a similar style.


Of course I have my Travel Tracker and my Bucket List. I really didn’t want to draw the USA map again so I opted to cut and trim the one I had drawn for my Happy Planner setup and then used removable double sided tape to stick it in. I did however have to rewrite the states since the actual pages are much smaller in this book compared to the Happy Planner sized. My Bucket List is also the same just rewritten with a cute header. I imagine it will grow as I grow older of course 🙂

dsc_0103I really wanted to go simple with my reading list this time around. I felt having something over complex made me feel pressured and stressed about filling it in. I also thought it was perfect to keep track of the movies I watch this year. I was inspired by GrangerGrades GoodReads Challenge layout. dsc_0104It wouldn’t be a new year and new Bujo without a Level 10 Life! I didn’t succeed in my goals last year as I felt they were over the top I guess….I just had a really hard time focusing on them. So something I decided to do this year was try to slim down what each one category had included within it. I really liked Boho.Berry’s spread and her simplicity of her goals which very much aligned with my own, for the most part. I opted to follow in her footsteps like I did for many of my pages this year. I am starting off this year blank and I will fill it in as I feel I’ve grown in those areas. dsc_0105Next I have another Boho.Berry spread along with a Miracle Morning Spread (sadly I am not sure where I found this as I had copied this out of my Hobonichi I drew out earlier in November, I apologize for this). These are fairly self explanatory but something new to this year. I really wanted to work on starting my days off on a better note. I tend to wake up and the first things I see are bad posts on facebook, something I want to avoid right away in my morning. I want to work on starting out my days on a better note away from my computer, working on myself emotionally and also physically. dsc_0107One of my first spreads I finished was this and I’m very proud of it. I really want to focus on a healthy me and eating cleaner is one of the ways I want to do that. Of course I had to use Pageflutter’s beautiful spread! I continued to use this on the following pages as well …. dsc_0108I kept the same style but I then used missynoodlez Healthy Snacks spread along with my own additions. I opted to leave the pages blank so I can add more snacks I come across through the year. Next is my own creation … Trigger Foods….basically things I can’t have :c because I love them too much, they just don’t love me back lol. I am still working on this list and as you can tell I haven’t added much yet. For the most part I do eat fairly healthy so I’m hoping this doesn’t grow too long. dsc_0109Next I have another spread from Boho.Berry . I really love her positive way of living and I haven’t done affirmations before, this is my first year attempting to include them in my daily routine. I stuck my Lady Tracker right next to this mostly because I felt it was cute together. I opted to cut my Lady Tracker from two to one, so my intimacy tracker is now included in my menstruation tracker. I also decided to track my spotting and other things as I’m growing older and my hormones are being all wonky…but that’s on a more personal note. dsc_0111I of course did include a weather tracker since I’m very excited to see how this turns out come next Jan 1st. I also decided to include weather icons, I am not sure if I’ll be using these but I thought it was just super adorable and something I could work on when I’m just feeling like creating some doodles. dsc_0112One of the things I really wanted to do this year was save money so I can work on going to certification classes for Floral Design. I love the idea of a 52 week plan, I however am not doing the normal amounts that most of them have. I instead am going to put away a minimum of 5$ away a week, and if I have more then I’ll include that as well! Just so long as I have saved 5$ then I’ll be very proud of myself. I also wanted to do a no spend tracker but have a whole year view of it so of course I made a yearly tracker! already you can tell my spending habits are on fire! and burning away all my money lol. dsc_0113I left about 5-6 blank pages between my no spend tracker and the start of my 2017. I really wanted to keep collections in the front so I left some space to include them there if I wanted to add more later. I am keeping them sectioned with a cute Happy Planner floral magnet page marker. I haven’t decorated my 2017 page much and I kept my Calendex fairly simple. dsc_0114I really loved this spread from pureplanning_bymj. I added some color and stickers to mine of course but I really like how it turned out. dsc_0115My January page is fairly simple. I haven’t fully decided on how I want to decorate my pages yet so I’m sure they will evolve with time. dsc_0116I really love how this turned out! My month at a glance page is probably the one I had the most fun drawing up. I am sadly not sure where I got the inspiration from but I tried my best to make it own as well. dsc_0117My habit tracker is probably my favorite. I really wanted to include a lot of things this time around and rather than have a year in pixels since I felt it was too simple in moods. I decided to instead aim more for a health styled habit tracker inspired by a post I saw on Buzzfeed, sadly they did not link to the original creator, at least that I could see. I have since altered it to include my own needs. I also wanted to keep it simple color wise so I’m only using grey and pastel pink which I think look lovely.

dsc_0119I of course have a Gratitude log, which is very simple with my logs so far but the beginning of my year was pretty crappy since I was in a car then sick from mold. However I want to make it more complex later so I am more specific about that days actions rather than just the basics. my brain dump is super simple as well. it is also blank right now. dsc_0120My main spread of course is my weekly spread. I had a hard time with this and it was the last thing I completed in my Bujo on the evening of the 2nd. as you can tell my time tracker is all over the place with the numbers, I still am not sure the best way to write them and I don’t know if I’ll use this spread next week. I do still think it’s cute though. I used a post it that I washi taped in (the post its kinda suck) so I can write down the things I need to purchase without having to take my whole Bujo to the store with me.

Somethings I did not include were my cleaning tracker as it is very basic and I am still working on it. I also did not include my fitness tracker since I am still working on those and am fairly stumped still with that. Also I sadly forgot to include my Pen test page but if you are curious you can find it on my Instagram 🙂


I am really excited to start this year and I can’t wait to grow as a person. I still have a lot to add and even more to decorate but I really hope you liked what I’ve done so far. I’m very happy to finally be sharing it with you all. I’ve been spamming my best friend with pictures as I complete my pages. I haven’t been as active on my Instagram lately as I’ve been so busy with things in my life but I really can’t wait to share my random Bujoness and even random craftyness with you all on there as well.


HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND BEAUTIFUL 2017. Thank you all for inspiring me and helping me grow as a person. I hope this year is even better than the last for everyone ❤


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