Just some things about me….

Name: Emily

Alias: Smoking Daffodils, Consider Cyanide

Age: 25

DOB: December 3rd, 1990

Location: Colorado,USA originally from Minnesota, USA

Employment: Part time model and photographer, Full time work from home on my PC

Hobbies: Gaming, Reading, Drawing, BUJO, BJD, Candlemaking, Photography, Hiking, Gardening, other stuff as well.

Orientation: I am Pansexual. For those of you who don’t know Pansexual means that I love based on a person rather than their gender. Before you jump ahead I don’t believe in the idea of Panoromantic, mostly because it seems silly to me. I am Pansexual which means I don’t date or have sex based on someone’s gender. I will date you regardless of what is in your pants, what is in your head is a different matter entirely.

Status: I have been happily taken since October 1st of 2015 and I couldn’t ask for anyone more amazing than my boyfriend.

Pets: I have some freshwater fish and 4 cats. They include Shotski a 20 year old Siamese aka momma kitty. Turtle a 8 year old black stripped kitty. Pumpkin my 4 year old munchkin Norwegian forest kitty. Lastly Minerva my 2 year old blue Russian kitten who was also a runt so is teeny tiny.

other random tidbits: I will be changing this over time, it’s just my quick rundown. As I grow and learn my page will grow with me. This is just my rough draft and I hope it fills in some things you might have been curious about in the past.