Just something random….

This isn’t going to be a long post, so please forgive me. I know I have been away for well quite some time, mostly I have been quite busy and haven’t been able to find the time to sit down and write. With the new year fast approaching and after turning 26 earlier this month, I realized a lot of things about myself. Things I want to change, improve about myself. So here I am. . .

I have decided that I will be making drastic changes to my life and the way I live it in order to become a better me. I also made the decision that I want to not only continue to use my Bujo but I wan’t to become more active with my blog and how I use it.

As you might have noticed my url and username are currently being changed over to Juniper Smiles this is to match my new Instagram I created the other day. I will be using my new IG to share my BUJO related creations. I will also share the occasional fitness updates/inspirations and my random crafts. I will however keep selfies and random things on my old IG that I was using previously. (once I figure out how to fix my IG widget that will be readded, until then please use my circle link to find my IG if you are curious)

….onto other things, I wanted to talk about my Bujo a little bit more, since that is of course the main reason we are all here. I have had quite an adventure picking a perfect Bujo for 2017. In my last updated I was using a Happy Planner, well not long after I made that post I soon realized I wasn’t a fan of the discs. I then hunted and got a Hobonichi. Unfortunately I was sent the A6 instead of the A5 I had ordered. I attempted to work with it, loving the paper, but finding it much tooooo small for my liking. Since I really wanted graph style paper but wasn’t a fan of the LT1917’s graph pages I opted for a Essentials Graph Notebook. The same Bujo my BFF swears by.

Well I recently got mine earlier this week and I have been in love with it. The pages are thicker than my LT1917 which makes me much more confident with my pens and highlighters. I really like the graph pages, however I do miss my numbered pages. I have since been actively planning and working on spreads for the new year. I will be posting a Bujo walk-through when it’s complete (for the most part) here, you can still see quick snapshots on my IG of my currently completed spreads.

I chose to focus on a few key things this year. These things being what I want to improve about myself the most. I will be altering my Bujo to include things focusing on mental and physical health, fitness, food, and my normal daily tracking. I want to start eating better, working out more, improving myself mentally as well since I admit I am far from perfect but I hope to work on those imperfections and make them easier to handle. I also want to focus on my art and crafting more as well, I feel I spend too much time on my computer playing video games which I will still do but hopefully less.

This post turned out much longer than I expected, I guess I had more to talk about than I thought. I will be sure to include much more information when I share my Bujo walk-through, hopefully soon. 🙂


Today is a good day!

So this is a more personal post but I felt it was okay to make. I have been actively trying to get a job at the Post Office. I even studied hard to pass the testing months back and I did. Well after constantly checking the openings and applying at a few to be rejected I finally got an interview today at a Post Office Distribution Center and it’s next week.

I am very nervous but super excited. I know that my life long goal is to be a florist and sell candles but until I can save up enough for my certifications in floral design I wanted to work in something that would be a good career move if my plan a doesn’t happen.

I normally have issues with job interviews mostly due to my social anxiety and awkwardness but I’m more than excited to go on Thursday and find out if I can land this amazing job. It would change so much in my life. My boyfriend and I could move out of our, well awful apartment. Moving out of this place would make our lives a lot better. I just hope that this is finally my life picking up after being pretty far down like it was.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for luck!!! 🙂

Why hello there…

Welcome to my blog, I have no clue how to start this out just that I need to start somewhere. I have seen many blogs in the past and I know I’m late on the blogging game but I never think it’s too late to start something that could potentially better yourself. I have attempted blogs in the past but that was when I was quite young. I am now half way through my 25th year in life and I find myself wanting an outlet for a lot of things, and a blog seems like the most reasonable way to do that. I suppose I don’t have much else to say for right now, I am very excited to start my journey and I have a bit to learn not just with my writing skills but also with my wordpress skills. I am hoping that in time my blog as well as myself can grow and become better with time.