Turning my Happy Planner into a Bujo.

I know I have been away for quite some time, I have been quite a busy bee lately and also under the weather. I decided that I would take some time today and share my current project with you all. I got myself a Happy Planner kit on Amazon thinking it might be a nice setup for my Bujo. With some changes of course, I’m not really much into “planning” as I am into tracking. I think the disc setup is neat and so far I have been enjoying it very much. It does add some nice versatility that I know I’ve been missing from my current LT1917. I haven’t progressed as much as I think I should have but with being busy and being sick spending time on my Bujo, let alone setting up a new one, hasn’t really happened lately. I feel bad as I’ve been being lazy the past few weeks with my Bujo but when I do find time I like to work on my projects and dive into my Bujo.

My pictures aren’t amazing as the lighting today is quite dreadful due to the weather but I hope you enjoy the start of my new Bujo with me. Currently everything is set up for 2017.

dsc_0002I don’t have anything too special yet in the front. I have some binder clips on the cover to add some weight and since I have found myself needing them as I make and add pages. My kit came with a set of sticky notes which I haven’t used yet but are fairly adorable. I also received 3 magnetic page markers. Under both of those I have a today book marker I made using glitter card stock and some stickers I got with my kit. DSC_0004.jpgHere is a better shot of my today book marker I made. My hole puncher was unable to go through the card stock since I doubled it (so both sides are pretty). I instead used a regular circle single hole punch and some scissors in order to replicate my Lavenger puncher. I opted to use a Lavenger hole puncher because it works very well with the Happy Planner and it is a much cheaper option than getting the Happy Planner puncher. DSC_0005.jpgI decided to print out some nice color pages with inspirational quotes on them for when I am feeling down or need a way to relax/occupy my mind. This was my favorite one I have gotten so far. I hope to add more but for now the couple are nice to have. I currently have them in the front but I’ll move them around between pages as I continue to set things up. dsc_0007I made and printed out my own Graph and Dotted paper, however I opted to use only Graph paper for now. I am finding I like it much more for my writing. One of the first trackers I make is my “lady tracker” which I use for my menstruation record. I decided for 2017 to add some changes which include how heavy my flow is and if I am intimate with my boyfriend, which used to be it’s own tracker. I thought making it one instead of two would be much easier to use. DSC_0008.jpgNext I have my mood tracker which I opted to name Moody Bitch, rather than Moody Lady for 2017. Seemed more fitting. I also decided to try something new, a weather tracker. I have seen this on a few different platforms but was inspired to do so after my friend expressed liking the idea. I wanted to keep my trackers simple and not overly decorated. I know that with the time passing I’ll add to my pages and make them pretty but for now I think simple is best. I still have quite some time before 2017 starts. DSC_0009.jpgI’m still not sure about this spread yet but I have time to change it, which is one reason I really do like the disc setup. I can remove and add pages at my will. If do choose to use this spread it will be used for my Top Ten Life, or easier put ten things in my life I wish to improve during 2017. The left will have what I want to improve on and the right will be how much I felt I’ve improved on that until the bar is completely filled up. DSC_0010.jpgNext is my favorite page by far. I find myself staring at it while I work on my spreads while I plan out my colors. I haven’t had white paper until now and I do love it. It makes the colors pop and I can’t wait to have my dailies all pretty and colorful using these gorgeous pens and liners I have. DSC_0011.jpgRight after I have my Washi tape and newly added Paper tape pages.  I hope to in time fill up these pages and add more. These are the current tapes I do have now that I use on a regular basis in my current Bujo system. DSC_0013.jpgIn the back I chose to keep the folder that came with my Happy Planner Kit. It is double sided and identical on both sides. I find it quite useful for storing stickers as well as loose papers I feel I might need at some point. DSC_0015.jpgHere are the lovely stickers that were included with my Happy Planner kit. I haven’t been big on stickers in the past yet but after getting these I find myself really excited and anxious to use them. I already used a couple to create my today book marker and they are very nice quality stickers. DSC_0021.jpgI wanted to also include the pages that came with the Happy Planner as well in this blog post. I am still not sure if I plan to use these so I currently have them stored away safely. They are color coded and all matching. The paper quality is nice and thick, almost like card stock. They include a monthly layout and then a weekly spread. I don’t find them useful to my needs at this moment but I think maybe in time I will find a use for them. Each tab page also has a nice quote on the front of it. I would have opted to use them in my Bujo for page dividers however the opposite side has half the monthly spread on it so I wanted to just create my own dividers as I see fit.


I haven’t done too much yet but I will be adding more and more as time passes. I want to get it nice and ready for 2017 and include a lot of extra pages that I’ve been tossing around in my head. Thank you for reading if you made it this far. I don’t often make my posts this long. Until next time, Happy Bujoing!!!


The perfect spread?

Something I am starting to think is almost near impossible to achieve would be the “perfect spread”. As a Bullet Journal Junkie I spend hours and hours just planning the perfect spread trying to decide what I need, don’t need, colors, stickers, well everything. Having only started my journey this year in June I have been changing my spreads a lot in that time trying to learn what works best for me.

After having tried many upon many layouts I can say that after tweaking my go to spread to include some different things I felt I needed and wanted I finally feel quite content with my spread. For the first week of October I tried a different spread that required me to draw them out the night before rather than a weekly view. I found very quickly I didn’t care for this style and soon decorated the blank spots so I could start a new week the way I preferred.

My go to spread has been shared in the past, I love it because it has my entire week on two pages as well as any trackers I need that aren’t included in my monthly, and any extras I feel to be useful. After spending some extra time last night planning and tweaking my goto spread I finally came out with a spread that I am quite proud of and think I might be using until I feel the need to change things up again.

fullsizerenderNow this picture isn’t as great of quality as my others, I used my cell to take a quick snap rather than my Nikon. As you can see I got a little bit more friendly with a few stickers I have. I also did some more bright colors and moved some things around. I removed my fitness tracker as well as my mini month view. I changed my snapchat/instagram tracker to instead include a goal for the week (filling in all the bubbles before the week is out). I also added a brain dump which was originally on it’s own spread but I felt it was more unused that way so this seemed much easier to use rather than page flipping. Lastly I added a 7 little boxes, these will be used for the Drawlloween Challenge. I like the idea of the challenges being on my weekly spread rather than their own. They are much smaller and cuter looking.

I really like my spread this week. I couldn’t resist sharing it. It’s a lot more colorful than I used to do and I think it has inspired me for how I want to continue my Bujo. I know I’ll make changes as time passes but for now this is perfect!

October….hello fall!!!

So I know most people consider September fall but for me fall starts in October when everything is turning orange, golden, and just gorgeous. Also it means Halloween!!! So who shouldn’t be excited? I am quite excited to share my newest spread I have worked on for longer than it should have taken me.

I messed up a few times and when I finally managed to complete my layout it was nothing like I had planned. I am still using my Bujo and haven’t started my Traveler’s (I actually have decided against those after realizing how thin the paper is). My colors are not really “fall” themed, in fact I used my pastel fineliners so I went way off fall colors entirely. I however loved how it turned out and I’m anxious to continue using the same pastels and simpler layouts. dsc_0228First is my October Overview. I do intend to add more under my Bills section, I just haven’t decided what yet. I tried to make this as simple as possible. I also decided against pasting in my tracker for extra paper support (prevent bleeding) also trusted myself more to draw it out the first time. dsc_0229On the next two pages was something new I wanted to try and had seen on Pinterest. I will be doing a food log here rather than on my weekly/daily spreads. I think it will be a better way to get an idea of my eating habits vs how I did it before. I basically just kept this page simple and didn’t get too overboard with decorating.

dsc_0230Next is my weekly/daily. Not sure what to call these pages since it’s my daily but in a week layout. This took me the longest…not to draw out but to decide how to do. This is MUCH different than my normal daily layout. I think it will be a cute way to change things up. I went for super simple and I’ll be using a time tracker to track more than just sleep and work this month.

I really aimed for simple. I imagine I’ll draw and decorate more throughout the month on my pages like I did for September. For now though I’m happy. Also I apologize for my table….we have a small apartment so our only tables consist of my desk (which is covered with gaming stuff for my computer) and then our two foldout tv trays which are fairly old and beat up. Also cat hair tends to travel around my home a lot. I normally try to have a nice pretty table but failed today XD Hopefully pretty Bujo distracts enough.


Amazon Haul!

I have never made a post or video sharing the things I have gotten. At least not in great detail. I am super excited to be switching my Bujo to a Traveler’s Journal style and I got most of my things today! I really wanted to share my new fun things with you so here we go 🙂

First things first, I did get all these items from Amazon and all are with Amazon Prime.

dsc_0216I didn’t get a whole bunch, just a few things. I will have 2 more Moleskine Chapters arriving tomorrow before I get started. I will still need to get a backing and elastic though to create my insert for holding my books into. I would like to continue using my current Bujo cover if possible. dsc_0218I had not realized how tiny these were until they arrived, they are actually quite cute. They are just paper tape, nothing fancy. I thought some not decorated washi would be a nice addition to my Bujo.

dsc_0219I also got a few new stencils. I try to not stencil when possible however circles are my downfall. I picked this for the circles however having different sized squares will be quite handy. Triangles I’m not so sure about yet. They were fairly cheap though and seemed like a nice addition to my collection of art supplies.

dsc_0220I was probably most excited about these new pens. I am in love with Staedler Fineliners. I have the set of 20 and after realizing I’d love a pastel purple I caved and ordered this set. I have since fallen in love with all the new shades. I say new because the gray and aqua are already in the set of 20. I am however very excited to use these in my new Bujo as I decorate it and get it ready.

dsc_0226I tried to be a little more “fancy” with my photos. I love photography and decided that straight up and down shots aren’t always fun. I am in love with the Moleskine chapters already and I haven’t even opened it yet. The binding is a really adorable coral pink. It’s not super thin and it has a nice feeling to it. It has 128 dotted pages as well as chapter pages that have to-do lists on them ( I will probably decorate over if I don’t find it useful ) I was very nervous because most inserts you can order are either really flimsy or don’t have much pages to offer. I have ordered 3 total, 1 arrived today. I will have 2 that are this gorgeous green/coral color and then my last will be a cardboard/blue color combo. If I decide to get a fourth for sketching in or something else I will be getting their dark burgundy one next. I have loved Moleskine since I got a sketchbook from them a few years ago and now that I have used a pocket for my Bujo back in July, which was sadly just too small.

dsc_0227Lastly I wanted to share a size difference between my Moleskine Chapters and my A5 Bujo case that holds my Leuchtturm 1917. They aren’t much different. Height is almost the same and width is just a little over an inch less. I have never had a Midori but from watching videos and reading reviews I have heard these are slightly bigger than their inserts, however not owning one I can’t be sure. As far as comparing it to an A5 it’s not too much of a difference. I will be getting elastic and backing to create my insert to hold the journals into this cover.

For now though I will still be using my current Bujo. I want to set up my Traveler’s for 2017-2018 usage but might opt to use my daily when I feel ready. I will be sure to share my creations as I go.

Traveler’s Journals?!?

So I have been using a Bullet Journal since June. I have in the short months since starting changed my methods quite a lot. I started with a cheap lined notebook from Office Max since they didn’t have any dotted options available. Shortly after I got a dotted Moleskin, however I got a pocket not realizing how small it was. I used it for almost three weeks before switching to a spiral bound dotted notebook. The paper is amazing but the binding was a tad annoying with my line drawing which I use a ruler for. I soon after tried a Heidi Swapp Planner but soon found the rings were a tad annoying for me. I love the idea of a planner because you can pull things out and replace them with ease. My issue is the rings are quite large and it became too tedious to hold the paper in the middle of the rings to close it properly. I have since used my Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted and have been in love with it.

However….I have been quite envious of the concept of a Traveler’s Journal but for my Bujo. I have already begun to realize that I don’t enjoy transferring my collections from journal to journal. I also don’t like things being tossed around in my book without the ability to control their placement. Using a Traveler’s would give me the ability to use separate notebooks for specific things. I have been actively admiring them from afar and debating if it would be a good move for me. Since I ordered a Moleskine Chapters for my fitness journal I decided to instead order 2 of them for now (I will order 1 more once I get my next paycheck) and use them to start my own Traveler’s Journal. I will no longer be doing a fitness journal and I’ll be incorporating that into my Daily Book and then into my Yearly/Monthly book.

I hope to have 3 books for my base, They will include my Collections, Yearly/Montly, and Daily. I will be making my own insert however for a drawing book to just use for sketching in. I am not sure if I’ll add more but overall I’m having a lot of fun planning. I am hoping to make a nice backing to attach elastic too so I can keep my main Bujo Cover and then switch out my Yearly and Daily books as needed. I can’t wait to document this adventure with you all! I want to work on this one for awhile before actually using it. I will be preparing it for 2017-2018 rather than using it for the rest of 2016. I might use my Daily when I feel ready before 2017 but I will still use my current Leuchtturm 1917 for monthly layouts until the end of December.

I should be starting early this week so I can’t wait to share and document how everything goes. I hope this will be the method I use from now on. I also hope to stop pasting in pre-perfected layouts and get better with drawing them in by hand the first time around.

Frappuccinos! What more could you want?

So I’ve been hard at work on a few new trackers and pages before starting my October month. I have been inspired by a few different sources this time and I’m super happy with my results. I have also decided to start a separate journal that will be fitness based. My best friend Sam actually inspired me by sharing her Fitness Journal with me. Thanks to Amazon Prime I should be able to get started on it early next week. I will be using a Moleskin Chapters for this and I can’t wait to share my progress and layouts with you as I work on it….but anyways…

dsc_0212First I’d like to share my Frappuccino Tracker! This was inspired by Courtney Gunn in the BJJ group on Facebook. She had a wonderful Starbuck’s tracker and I fell in love. I chose my own flavors I’d love to try and colored in the ones I have…and well s’mores is obvi my favorite. I also added some blue washi to border my two trackers. dsc_0214So I used the same color design as I did for my previous two trackers. My new and completed page is 20 Things to Start Doing and was inspired off Pinterest and I really do love it. I didn’t add drawings or anything because my handwriting is fairly big. I still like how it turned it out. It’s nice and simple. dsc_0215I am working on a page set between my trackers and these pages. I will be sure to show that when it’s done but for now it’s in progress 🙂 Here however is the start of my October. I decided to tape in a word I had drawn off a pinterest post. I am doing the same orange colored washi for this month as well. (I’m limited and pink/purple/blue just didn’t seem fitting for this month.) I will probably add more to these as I go like I did for September.

That’s all for now. I am currently working on some new things today and then well into next week when I can start my new fitness journal. Oh a lot of my pages seem pasted in…that’s because I either messed up underneath or I needed to practice the layout to get it right. Also I like the scrapbook feel it gives my journal. I don’t do this for everything, just new things I’m working on that I’m not sure about.

Creating some new pages

I have been actively working on some new trackers and pages for my Bujo and I couldn’t resist a share. I did skip enough pages to finish up my weeklies for September as they come and these pages will rest between September and October. I know a lot of people prefer to throw new things on the next blank page, sadly my perfectionism won’t really allow me to do that without feeling annoyed that my weeklies are broken up. I am still adding more but this is my progress from yesterday while at work.

dsc_0208First is my Instagram tracker. I have seen a few of these and couldn’t resist one myself. I am a huge Instagram lover and I use it for well quite a few things, ranging from selfies to pictures of my Bujo. I also post pictures of my cats, food, my photography, and even the mountains around me. I wanted a nice way to keep track of how many followers I have gained. The page to the right will be another tracker I am working on and will be shared in the future when completed.

dsc_0209Okay so this one is a bit more random but I really couldn’t resist. I have seen a few of these before and wanted to do one of my own. I have been actively trying to grow my own hair out for a few years now. I have never had long hair so this is a first for me and has taken a lot out of me to not cut it. I thought this would be a nice way to motivate myself more. The page to the right is a page I am working on as well that will be shared when completed. To give a hint I’m doing a “20 things to start doing” right there 🙂

dsc_0210My last two new pages I worked on include my Waiting For list which is just a tracker for packages I have ordered so I can keep an eye on my mail for packages. I order quite a lot since I run a home business for home made candles as well as ordering things for my Bujo and BJD hobbies. My next page is a Fall Bucket List. I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love. I thought it’d be perfect to start around October so I thought now was a good time to add it to my Bujo. I am still decorating this page and adding to it as I think of things I would like to do this fall.


I hope you enjoy my new pages. I will be adding more of course as time goes on. I love being able to share these with you all here.