Turning my Happy Planner into a Bujo.

I know I have been away for quite some time, I have been quite a busy bee lately and also under the weather. I decided that I would take some time today and share my current project with you all. I got myself a Happy Planner kit on Amazon thinking it might be a nice setup for my Bujo. With some changes of course, I’m not really much into “planning” as I am into tracking. I think the disc setup is neat and so far I have been enjoying it very much. It does add some nice versatility that I know I’ve been missing from my current LT1917. I haven’t progressed as much as I think I should have but with being busy and being sick spending time on my Bujo, let alone setting up a new one, hasn’t really happened lately. I feel bad as I’ve been being lazy the past few weeks with my Bujo but when I do find time I like to work on my projects and dive into my Bujo.

My pictures aren’t amazing as the lighting today is quite dreadful due to the weather but I hope you enjoy the start of my new Bujo with me. Currently everything is set up for 2017.

dsc_0002I don’t have anything too special yet in the front. I have some binder clips on the cover to add some weight and since I have found myself needing them as I make and add pages. My kit came with a set of sticky notes which I haven’t used yet but are fairly adorable. I also received 3 magnetic page markers. Under both of those I have a today book marker I made using glitter card stock and some stickers I got with my kit. DSC_0004.jpgHere is a better shot of my today book marker I made. My hole puncher was unable to go through the card stock since I doubled it (so both sides are pretty). I instead used a regular circle single hole punch and some scissors in order to replicate my Lavenger puncher. I opted to use a Lavenger hole puncher because it works very well with the Happy Planner and it is a much cheaper option than getting the Happy Planner puncher. DSC_0005.jpgI decided to print out some nice color pages with inspirational quotes on them for when I am feeling down or need a way to relax/occupy my mind. This was my favorite one I have gotten so far. I hope to add more but for now the couple are nice to have. I currently have them in the front but I’ll move them around between pages as I continue to set things up. dsc_0007I made and printed out my own Graph and Dotted paper, however I opted to use only Graph paper for now. I am finding I like it much more for my writing. One of the first trackers I make is my “lady tracker” which I use for my menstruation record. I decided for 2017 to add some changes which include how heavy my flow is and if I am intimate with my boyfriend, which used to be it’s own tracker. I thought making it one instead of two would be much easier to use. DSC_0008.jpgNext I have my mood tracker which I opted to name Moody Bitch, rather than Moody Lady for 2017. Seemed more fitting. I also decided to try something new, a weather tracker. I have seen this on a few different platforms but was inspired to do so after my friend expressed liking the idea. I wanted to keep my trackers simple and not overly decorated. I know that with the time passing I’ll add to my pages and make them pretty but for now I think simple is best. I still have quite some time before 2017 starts. DSC_0009.jpgI’m still not sure about this spread yet but I have time to change it, which is one reason I really do like the disc setup. I can remove and add pages at my will. If do choose to use this spread it will be used for my Top Ten Life, or easier put ten things in my life I wish to improve during 2017. The left will have what I want to improve on and the right will be how much I felt I’ve improved on that until the bar is completely filled up. DSC_0010.jpgNext is my favorite page by far. I find myself staring at it while I work on my spreads while I plan out my colors. I haven’t had white paper until now and I do love it. It makes the colors pop and I can’t wait to have my dailies all pretty and colorful using these gorgeous pens and liners I have. DSC_0011.jpgRight after I have my Washi tape and newly added Paper tape pages.  I hope to in time fill up these pages and add more. These are the current tapes I do have now that I use on a regular basis in my current Bujo system. DSC_0013.jpgIn the back I chose to keep the folder that came with my Happy Planner Kit. It is double sided and identical on both sides. I find it quite useful for storing stickers as well as loose papers I feel I might need at some point. DSC_0015.jpgHere are the lovely stickers that were included with my Happy Planner kit. I haven’t been big on stickers in the past yet but after getting these I find myself really excited and anxious to use them. I already used a couple to create my today book marker and they are very nice quality stickers. DSC_0021.jpgI wanted to also include the pages that came with the Happy Planner as well in this blog post. I am still not sure if I plan to use these so I currently have them stored away safely. They are color coded and all matching. The paper quality is nice and thick, almost like card stock. They include a monthly layout and then a weekly spread. I don’t find them useful to my needs at this moment but I think maybe in time I will find a use for them. Each tab page also has a nice quote on the front of it. I would have opted to use them in my Bujo for page dividers however the opposite side has half the monthly spread on it so I wanted to just create my own dividers as I see fit.


I haven’t done too much yet but I will be adding more and more as time passes. I want to get it nice and ready for 2017 and include a lot of extra pages that I’ve been tossing around in my head. Thank you for reading if you made it this far. I don’t often make my posts this long. Until next time, Happy Bujoing!!!